Language School Classroom

Horizon Academic Programme


Horizon has a comprehensive syllabus and Learning Programme which are focused on Learner Outcomes and the principles of the CEFR [Council of Europe: Common European Framework of Reference for Languages] The Horizon levels are based on the CEFR levels A1-C2

Assessment & Placement

Upon arrival each student takes a placement test to determine their level of English. Horizon uses a placement test, Oxford Quick Placement Test. This written test is administered by the teachers and Assistant Director of Studies in each centre. The Oxford Quick Placement Test is corrected and graded by the teachers under the supervision of the Director of Studies. Following the completion of the test, the teachers take the students to their classroom and complete the Horizon Oral Test individually with students The Director of Studies tabulates the results in ascending or descending order so that the students can be placed in classes according to their level in existing or newly formed class groups up to a maximum number of 15 students per class. The next day the students are allocated to their classes based on the results of both their written and oral test. The class lists are posted on the Student Notice Board, in the TEFL Teacher Resource Room and in the Administration Office. Placement test scores are filed by the Director of Studies and may be needed in the event of a student requesting a class change.

Classes & Resources

Horizon English language classes are focused on delivering student-centred classes which assist, motivate and facilitate students to use and improve their English skills. Class activities include group work, role play, questionnaires, projects and games. Horizon has extensive learning resources. Classrooms have internet access and interactive white boards. Some centres have lecture theatres and all classrooms have audio equipment for listening lessons and activities.

External Examinations

Horizon Students are prepared for the Trinity GESE [Graded Examinations in Spoken English] and have the opportunity to complete their exam during their stay. Horizon is committed to assisting and organising the Trinity exam. The DoS liaises directly with Trinity directly to organise and confirm student numbers, levels and exam dates and times in each centre. Upon completion of the exam Trinity forwards the certificates to Horizon head office who then forward the certificates to the relevant agents, schools and parents.