Administration Assistant

The Role.....

The Administration Assistant’s key responsibility is the smooth and efficient running of all the administrative aspects of the centre. The Administration Assistant must ensure that communication channels are open between HQ and the Management Team within their Summer Camp. The Administration Assistant reports to the Camp Director (CD) to ensure the smooth day-to-day running of the language and activity programme. The Administration Assistant is responsible for maintaining an excellent working relationship with all members of staff.

Key Responsibilities

• To ensure high levels of student safety and welfare are maintained and school rules are adhered to
• To set up the Horizon office in the host centre
• To make sure that the answering machine is set up with a clear message and switched on as and when the Horizon office is not manned
• To check the First Aid boxes on a weekly basis
• Responsibility for the general welfare of the students
• To collect in and keep accurate daily headcounts for submission to CD to include class registers, fire drill records, fire lists, absenteeism records and final number of certificates required.
• Responsibility for making sure that the Accident Report Book is completed
• Responsibility for making sure that all required information is effectively communicated to the CD.
• To assist the HO with the arrival and departure of students
• To assist the HO with laundry system
• To assist the CD by liaising daily with HO regarding student transfers
• To liaise with local taxi and coach companies
• To assist the CD in providing catering & excursions figures to the host centre catering office as and when required
• To deal with emails/telephone calls/faxes from Agents and HO
• To plan and book any extra excursions
• To take minutes in meetings as requested by the CD
• To ensure that Centre administration and documentation is carried out efficiently
• To keep records of damages, equipment and resources and monitor throughout the course


• Previous Summer School Experience
• Excellent organisational & administrative skills
• Excellent communication skills & be computer literate
• Ability to thrive in a high pressure environment
• Excellent time management skills
• Ability to multi-task
• Flexibility and ability to ‘think on your feet’ and react to change


• Administrative experience
• Proven problem solving ability