Work Placement Programme


Horizon’s exciting and rewarding English Work Experience Programme offers students the opportunity to learn English through a combination of formal English classes and an unpaid work experience in an Irish company.


The work experience element of this work and study programme allows students to take the English skills and theory learned in the classroom and practice it in a real world situation with native English speakers thus enhancing student’s language learning, increases their vocabulary and builds confidence. The work experience element is an important and integral part of the programme and makes up 50% of the duration. Students are placed where possible, in an Irish business most suited to their qualifications and experience such as hospitality, commercial, child care, and administration. Students have the valuable opportunity to practise their spoken English and develop their communication skills while working with Irish colleagues in ‘real’ work environment. Students commence their two week work placement after completing a minimum of one week of English classes. This programme is designed to give students the English skills needed to work and live effectively in today's global market place. Horizon arranges the work experience placements for students in this programme and provide support throughout the process and monitors student progress.
Students are dropped off to classes in the morning by their host family and are collected again each evening when they have completed their work experience.

Minimum Age

Students are required to be 16 years old.

Minimum Duration

Three weeks: we recommend one week of intensive English language classes prior to commencing two weeks of work experience placements. This equips students with vocabulary, skills and confidence needed to derive the most benefit from their work experience. If a student has an advanced level of English they can commence work experience upon arrival.


Westport: 1 hour from Galway city on the scenic West Coast of Ireland
Mullingar: 1 hour from Dublin in the heart if Ireland’s lakelands